Wish you were here: The ultimate Covid-19 travel guide

Places we are not at: Baraza Resort, Zanzibar

So you have been locked up at home since early March. You haven’t been further than a local beach, hiking spot or corner shop that you didn’t know existed until the pandemic forced you to become creative over weekends. The #wanderlust is officially really setting in. We hear your plea and have accordingly compiled a travel guide, based on best practices we have observed around the world. Bon journée!

1.Stay at Home 

The Covid-19 pandemic is nowhere near over and staying at home or traveling locally is the safest for both yourself and others. Our number one travel tip is to stay home! However, if the wanderlust is just too great please continue further (point 4 onwards) for our travel tips

2.Get on a plane (literally, that’s it)

If your favourite part of travelling is the part most people don’t care for (i.e. going through customs, waiting to get on the plane, sitting in the middle seat or in the proximity of babies), and you happen to be in Taiwan, then you’re in luck! You can now take part in fake flight experiences, where you go through the airport, board the plane, experience that excited buzz you get at the beginning of every trip… And then go nowhere.

We recommend getting on bigger planes than these charter flights (this pic is just an excuse to show off Mt Kilimanjaro)

3.Travel in your mind

For those who are super cautious, hypochondriac or have no love for their local tourism industry, you can always travel in your mind. Open a travel guide, your friends or strangers’ instagram feeds, and imagine you’re in the world’s most exotic /beautiful/sunny (insert adjective you associate with your dream holiday) spots. Your mind is a powerful thing, use it.

4.Go to Europe 

Places in Europe Mel isn’t right now: bathing in the twilight glow in Sevilla

Europe seems to be winning this pandemic right now in terms of travel restrictions, or the lack thereof. If you are lucky enough to be in Europe then go wild and travel wherever your heart (and travel regulations) desire. But be wary and prepared for a second wave/ spike in cases: hold off on the hugging, air kissing or french kissing for now, and refer to point 5 for an unexpected quarantine that you might find yourself in!

5.Don’t pack light

You never know when a new travel ban will be put in place again and you will end up trapped in your holiday destination. This is the one time to make sure you actually pack all those shoes you usually never end up wearing, and a wardrobe for all four seasons (also applicable if you are travelling to the UK).

6.Use protection

Masks, hand sanitisers, sanitising wipes are non-negotiables. Don’t let any charming foreigner tell you otherwise. 


Places we wish we were drinking wine: Kalk Bay in Cape Town

Airlines are no longer serving alcohol so make sure you are prepared for your flight! Most airport bars are still closed and lounges aren’t serving alcohol so make sure you’ve got something to keep yourself entertained pre-flight.

8.BYOE (bring your own entertainment)

Airport entertainment is a thing of the past. Make sure you are prepared to keep yourself entertained pre-flight and during the endless temperature and medical checks if you are entering another country.

9.Shop till you drop

Fridge magnets, postcards, snacks… those things are so 2019. Show your loved ones you care and haven’t forgotten them as you get sun burnt in the Mediterranean sea by buying them the most coveted souvenirs of 2020: hand sanitisers and masks. Bonus points for scents, designs, packaging and fabric unique to the places you are travelling to!

Happy travelling! May the R0 be low and the quarantine not reach you.

X x x

Seemz and Mel

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