About us


Once a self-declared poet/playwright-with-a-watermelon-obsession, Mel somehow found herself working in public policy and management consulting. These days she aspires to find the meaning of life.

Her hobbies include travelling, reading, startups, art & other pretty things, and occasionally overthinking.


Seema is a South African lawyer-turned yoga teacher-turned-management consultant-turned professional reader of LinkedIn profiles in private mode.

Her hobbies include traveling, constantly injuring herself, meme sharing, mountain climbing, yoga (duh), chocolate eating, baking and reading. And wine.

Our story began when…

We met by pure chance at the wedding of a mutual friend in Bangalore and immediately clicked through our shared sarcasm, love of travel and Mel’s iPhone for Insta pics. We stayed in touch through Insta memes and then our shared exit from consulting during lockdown, which led to the decision to share our sarcastic and hopefully sometimes wise thoughts with the world through this blog.